Asgårdbørn Broholmeren

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Names of the Asgårdbørn puppies.  Asgårdbørn is a prefix. This means that the kennel name comes before the puppyname

Asbjørn:Define bear (Esbjurn)

Gungnir:Odins’magic spear. Gungnir always hit target no matter who was wielding it. (Koenjir)

Mjølnir:Thor’s magic hammer. The Mjølnir could take life but, also give life. ( Mjulnir)

Einar:Comes from the Einherjar. Odins special wariors for Ragnarok. There wounds would heal by itself. (Einar)

Ragnhild:Wise goddes of warfare.Remember the vikings expected ragnarok, to them the wisdom in warfare was very important)(Rouwnhild)

Brynhild:One of the most important Walkure.The lover of Sigurd. ( Bruunhild)

Gorda:Named after  Yngva’s greatgrandmother. The goddes of wisdom and gentleness. ( Korda)

Sille:Named  after Yngva’s grandmother. The goddes of the hunt. ( Sielle)